Rara Avis Group as a wholesale wedding dresses supplier for retailers

Rara Avis Group combines 3 well-known brands of wedding dresses — Rara Avis, Ange Etoiles, Blammo Biamo. If you are looking for where to buy wedding dresses for wholesale, you are glad to show you pretty various bridal gowns for any choice. Being one of leading worldwide manufacturers, we offer beneficial conditions for retailers to make our common clients happy.

Reasons why collaborate with us

Make sure Rara Avis Group is the best one among wholesale wedding dresses suppliers for retailers!


10 years in the wedding market. Our creative way began in 2008 with a small atelier and, further, with the foundation of the Kuraj wedding house in Minsk. Since then, we’ve thoroughly learnt the brides’ demand on the worldwide market and gained deep experience in supplying retailers around the globe with our prom wedding dresses collections correspondingly to the local preferences and for any choice.


180 dealers’ wedding shops all over the world. We are one of the worldwide suppliers with bridal dresses. Wedding shops sell Rara Avis Group dresses in France, Italy, the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, China, Czech, Spain, Serbia, Slovakia, Morocco, Qatar, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus. You can look through the whole list of dealers here.

Worldwide exhibitions participation

From then on, we took part in widely-known wedding exhibitions in Barcelona (Bridal Fashion Week) 3, Milan (Sposaitalia) 2, London (White Gallery) 1, Essen (European Bridal Week) 3, Moscow (Wedding Fashion Moscow) 6 and, soon, are going to showcase our collections in Chicago (National Bridal Market) and present dresses to all Europe and the USA.


We offer cost-effective prices for buying dresses in bulk. The end price depends on the chosen brand, item and quantity.

2 times faster sewing than competitors’

Our needlewomen prepare wedding dresses at least for 60-90 days. As it turns out, a majority of manufacturers can guarantee minimum 4-6 months.

Hand-made with love

We believe that unique beauty is created only by humans. That is why we try to complete each dress manually.

Exclusive collaboration

The opportunity to deal by using special conditions. We can give your shop an exclusive right to introduce our brand in the definit region.

Custom-changed dress possibility

We also can change some details in a dress: sleeves, skirt, corset, etc.

Wholesale plus size wedding dresses

We have a special offer to sew dresses out of standard sizes. Any size according to your requirements.


Sending is carried out at the expense of the buyer by different transport companies at the request of the client. Delivery time to the CIS countries is 3-7 days; to Europe 3-14; to the USA 14-20 days.Urgent delivery is also possible.

Brand marketing

Alongside with a bulk of dresses, we’ll send you catalogs, provide photo and video content necessary for advertising and brand promotion, include your store with a backlink to your site in the list of our dealers on the official pages raraavis-group.com.
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