Trunk show in Moscow 2020

Absolutely new collections 2021 by Rara Avis Group were born this summer. These are luxurious fabrics, unusual silhouettes, various models and handmade details! The new models are striking in their uniqueness and every dress is not like one another. However, femininity and lightness remain in the first place in new collections by Rara Avis Group.We can say with confidence that every bride will find the best one!

The collections turned out to be magical, so we have to show to our partners this magic! On September 11 we held a private Trunk Show in Moscow in the wedding salon “Mary Trufel”. It was a great event, with mysterious music, magical images and a great variety of models. The show was attended by partners of Rara Avis Group from all over the CIS, as well as brides who studied each dress with trembling and mentally tried it on!

The collections use natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, brocade, as well as floral elements, embroidery, unique decor. Every collection comes with jackets, raincoats and capes, that will come in handy in cold and damp weather. All models you can find on website pages from Rara Avis, Ange Etoiles, Blammo-Biamo brands. 

We do our best to see your smiles, your glowing eyes and hear rave reviews! Thank you for being with us! 

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