Rara Avis group collections 2020. Preview

Every year, three brands Ange Etoiles, Rara Avis and Blammo-Biamo try to surprise the world with new collections, this year the brands have outdone themselves!

The collections of 2020 are differ in their lightness and pomp, natural materials and original design, sensitivity and modernity. Rara Avis Group creates fashion and style for brides year by year, ahead of those who follow the trends, but not create them!

In the Rara Avis brand collection, the main emphasis is on natural fabrics — dresses which made of Belarusian linen, handicrafts and natural silk. Dresses are flying, light and elegant! However, the Rara Avis Group keeps a little secret, that we will slightly unveil. This year, Rara Avis will present 2 collections to the world, which varies from each other in quietness and courage, bright paillettes and pastel tones. What remains unchanged is the slogan of the brand — She is really special…

The main charm of Ange Etoiles collection  is transforming dresses and color combinations from blue to milky, from white to pale pink. Thanks to textural fabrics and delicate colors, the trains of dresses remind the swirling foam of a waterfall. As they say: it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times! The bride can easily change the style during the wedding, at the same time to keep the original one! Such elegant images are reflected in the Ange Etoiles slogan — be classic and stay gorgeous.

An outstanding feature of the new Blammo-Biamo collection is magic and mystery. Dresses remind of fabulous images: magical shine, emphasis on details, airy flounces and full skirts. There is everything that love real princess! The Blammo-Biamo slogan — Use your wings! It means that these dresses can help you to fulfil your dreams and find your perfect dress!

Thank you for choosing us!

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