New ideas from Rara Avis Group!

We take care about your comfort and safety, that's why we create smth special for you and your dear ones. 

In the official website  you can find all varieties of gift boxes by Rara Avis Group:

1. Designer lingerie (or a certificate for any amount) #RARAAVIS. You can choose and get inspired on the 

2. Stylish organizer for lingerie or other equally important girls’ stuff. The organizer is very compact, takes up a minimum space in your bag, shelf or suitcase.

3. Classy week organizer with a set of panties from the #RARAAVIS lingerie collection. This is not just a gift, it’s a necessity!

4. Organizer for makeup and brushes. Every brush has its own case, every lipstick knows its place! The cover is washable. It doesn’t require any gift boxes as we can't imagine more elegant packaging. Golden brocade and an exclusive ribbon with the brand name. I know, you already want it!

5. Elegant boxes for lingerie, socks and accessories. Are you going on a visit, on a trip, want to organize the space in your wardrobe, make a beautiful and necessary gift for your friend? The box and handmade lingerie is a great idea for any ! You will be the first owner of an exclusive box!

6. The most comfortable slippers in hotels, isn't it? But we have a better option: handmade slippers come with a perfect set: pajamas, sleep mask, hair tie and all in a soft organizer. Oneday we will continue to travel and you will have everything for it!

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