Bridal Fashion Show 2019

08.15.2019 will be in memory of all Belarusians as the day of beauty and elegance, finesse and femininity! 

Rara Avis Group and the Wedding House “Kuraje” together with the creative association Art Appetit and RaZman Production held a grand show — catwalk of the new collections with wedding dresses of the brands Rara Avis, Blammo-Biamo and Ange Etoiles.

The event was held in the center of Minsk on the October 16 street. Before the show, guests were waiting bright photo zones from Rara Avis Group, Wedding House “Kuraje”, and from general partner of the show “ZIKO”. Favorite Catering offered its delicious snacks and drinks, barmen created specialty cocktails with Bulbash products, John Dory treated guests with fresh oysters. The spirit of magic and mystery was in the air, as guests didn’t even suspect where the show would be held.

After some time, more than 700 viewers were accompanied to the place of the Bridal Fashion Show. And there began the very magic that everyone had been waiting for so long!

Blammo-Biamo opens the show with poofy and weightless dresses with all the beading, lots of shine, handmade embroidery, sophisticated details and original accessories locked all eyes on the stage. 

The next is the Rara Avis brand and the “Shine Bright” collection. These dresses are distinguished by their originality, extravagance and audacity. Rara Avis tells the girls that the bride can be completely different while maintaining her personality!

Ange Etoiles continues the show with the “Waterfall” collection. Its feature is transformer dresses. The bride can combine two dresses in one. The first as the basic is elegant and sexy, and the second top dress is transparent and magnificent. Thanks to this, a girl can change wedding images and combine two styles in one.

The highlight of the Bridal Fashion Show is the “J’adore” lingerie collection. Rara Avis Group models present exquisite, intriguing underwear for the bride, that will be a great addition to the wedding look!

The surprises never end. Together with Respublika Polina and with her song “Як ты” in live performance, the second collection of the Rara Avis brand appear on the catwalk. This collection is different from all previous ones. Belarusian motives, hats, leather corsets, dried flowers, linen, crushed silk, handmade decor — all these emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. The voice of the Respublika Polina inspires.

When, it seems, all the secrets have been revealed, the incredible waterfall opens in the middle of the podium among decorative rocks and natural plants!

Rara Avis Group proves that there are no rules in wedding fashion, there are no restrictions and obstacles! Every woman is unique, every image is original, every bride is individual!

Rara Avis Group creates wedding trends, but doesn't follow them!

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