Bridal fashion show 2019

Wild Soul

The collection “Wild Soul” by Rara Avis had the maximum number of enthusiastic views, challenges on the runway and discussions in the Barn. Brides who choose this brand are exceptional. Their bold modern image completely breaks down the stereotypes of how a girl should “look” — especially when it comes to a wedding. Rebels are open to new trends and are ready to experiment. Despite everything, “Wild Soul” is not inferior to femininity, refinement of lines and sexuality of other collections.

Ali D'amore

A confident “yes” to the classic fashion was expressed in the embodied skyline of the collection “Wings of Love” by Ange Etoiles. “Ali D'amore” consists of exquisite floor-length dresses with stunning trains, luxurious laces, and mysterious veils. The shapes of the dresses are airy and multi-layered. The lines are fuzzy, the outlines are blurred. The collection was conceived as a weightless dance of a bird over the smooth surface of the sea — such an elegant, flawless and festive flight. It represents a sincere joy and smile of narcissism from the work done, that will remain in our memory for life.


Blammo-Biamo collection was inspired by the ocean itself. It can be a raging and expressive whirlpool, or a calm and melodic flow, or in general — a gentle, peaceful, unshakable ripple. The dresses of "Ocean Dream" are complicated, elegant and exquisite. Mostly the collection consists of A-line dresses, with a clear accent on the waist to emphasize beautiful lines of a woman. A large number of materials and textures were used in the collection to show the breadth and diversity of the underwater world. Accessories helped fulfil the idea on the runway. Thus pendants in the shape of fragile and defenceless water-plants, smoothly swaying on the waves were created.

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