Bridal Fashion Show 2019

08.15.2019 will be in memory of all Belarusians as the day of beauty and elegance, finesse and femininity! Rara Avis Group and the Wedding House “Kuraje” together with the creative association Art Appetit and RaZman Production held a grand show — catwalk of the new collections with wedding dresses of the brands Rara Avis, Blammo-Biamo and Ange Etoiles.


Rara Avis group collections 2020. Preview

Every year, three brands Ange Etoiles, Rara Avis and Blammo-Biamo try to surprise the world with new collections, this year the brands have outdone themselves!


Foundation history of Rara Avis Group

Rara Avis Group as a wedding brand was founded in 2008. There are no small details in wedding preparations, and every bride tries to be special, beautiful, and unique. We wanted, and what was more important, we could do more for them!


Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019

Rara Avis Group has closed the spring exhibition season in Barcelona. Wedding manufacturers from all over the world showed their masterpieces at Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 19 (VBBFW19)


Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni’ Milano Bridal Week 2019

April 5-8. New country, new city. It was Italy, Milan and the wedding exhibition “Sposaitalia Collezioni 2019”! Rara Avis Group participated in the exhibition for the second times and, of course, we met our expectations!


London Bridal Fashion Week 2019

Spring at the Rara Avis Group has begun with the London Bridal Fashion Week, that was held on the 24th-26th of March. Celebrating its 11th year, London Bridal Fashion Week (White Gallery) is firmly established as the foremost designer-only buying event in the international calendar


Spring exhibitions with Rara Avis Group

Spring 2019 will be for RARA AVIS GROUP a very rich season of the year. During these three spring months we will participate in three exhibitions. They are London — White Gallery, Milan — Sposaitalia Collezioni, Barcelona — Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. We look forward to meeting our representatives and we will be exited to meet new acquaintances. Wedding exhibition is a great place for new meetings, choosing the perfect wedding dress and searching for inspiration! Welcome to wedding paradise!


Rara Avis group on Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2018

We participated in another significant event in the wedding dress industry. For the second straight year we are participants of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Events that take place on the runways in Barcelona, set a high bar for world designers a year in advance. This is the very time that the masters have to create and implement something with the "wow" effect till the next show in Spain.


National Bridal Market Chicago 2018

In October of 2018, we enjoyed working in Chicago, USA, more precisely, at National Bridal Market Chicago. This is an international exhibition where dresses for bridal and special occasion needs are presented. A significant event dedicated to the wedding fashion industry is held in Illinois State twice a year — in autumn and spring.


Bridal fashion show 2019

It was the largest runway show in the history of our country. RARA AVIS GROUP presented the latest collections of 2019. The spectacular show was dedicated to the celebration of the brand founding. Nature itself created the scenario of the event. It was an extremely hot day with high chances of a heavy rain. But fate favored us — as not a single guest, not a single model, not a single unique dress was damaged. Everything was atmospheric, enchanting and very sincere.


Beach themed wedding destinations

Wedding is such an important event in the life of everyone. It’s causes reverent emotions and worries about the organization of the celebration. All people dream of making the celebration a special, beautiful and memorable day. Such a non-standard solution can be a wedding on the beach. The noise of the surf, the blue of the water surface and the beauty of the sunset are capable of creating an absolutely charming atmosphere. If you are a romantic at heart, in love with the sky and the sea, and decided to make your wedding unforgettable, this article is for you!


Boho chic wedding dresses as a trend for daring brides

The name "boho" took its name from the French word "bohemia". In France in the 19th century, creative people with variable income were called bohemian: artists, street performers, poets. Roma were often included in this category for their resemblance to wandering artists. It is believed that it was the Roma who became the ancestors of the style, who appreciated the liberation of clothes. The modern version of the boho style appeared in the 60s of the 20th century and united in itself a variety of various fashion trends — hippies, safaris, gothic, gypsy, ethno, vintage. And now clothes in the style of boho can be worn not only by people of creative professions. Designers are increasingly releasing things in this style. Boho is a style of freedom. It doesn’t have vulgarity, strict, official, business features, as well as no glamorous trends. The basic idea of a ​​free style is the denial of stamps, patterns. “Boho” is an alternative to glamorous images. This style is an individual, dissimilar strategy of combining soft, light, feminine images.

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